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Women Practices to Attract More Love into Life

MMany people, may explore esoteric practices as a way to attract love into their lives. Women have a powerful energy doing this practices because of their fertile and creative nature. It’s important to note that these practices are often rooted in personal beliefs and may not have scientific validation in a formal way. However, within the field of alternative therapies extensive descriptions abound regarding the benefits of this practices as self care and to set intentions for the manifestation of a desire. Here are a few esoteric approaches, including astrology and candle rituals, that some women might incorporate into their quest for love:

Love Ritual


Burn Sage incense, move from the back of the house to the front, to clean every room. Light a pink candle and say this phrase:

“Be gone negativity, here now blessed be. “

Place a perfume for esoteric purpose and have a pink crystal between your hands in front of your chest. Create a clear image
in the mind about your expectations of the person to being loved. Inspire the heart with love and think about what is important for the happiness for the relationship of your dreams. Say the following phrase in front of the candle flame:

Dear God

“Grant me the capacity to love abundantly and share the warmth of my affection for the joy it brings. May I be blessed with a companion who consistently inspires the finest qualities within me, as I, in turn, evoke the most beautiful depths of our hearts together. In this sacred union, may love flourish and illuminate our lives with boundless happiness.”

Use a pair of drops of perfume on your hands daily
until it runs out. 

Placing the crystal near a window with rising Sun rays.

On the seventh day of having made the ritual with Sage,
burn incense of Palo Santo from the door
into the house, inwards. Ask it to bring love and
happiness to the relationship.

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