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Tarot Reading


Discover Fate and Life’s Mysteries through Tarot Symbols

We never cease to be surprised by the certainty with which the Tarot helps us describe in detail what life reveals to us over time.

Tarot readings is a psychic practice, participants should be in a peaceful place and concentrate. All readings are video calls, world wide.

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I'll Tell You Things No One Knows

Our pricing is flexible, determined by whether you opt for an in-person meeting or an online session. Given that our Astrologer conduct consultations via video calls from diverse locations worldwide, you can rest assured that the guidance can be accessed conveniently and comfortably from the warmth of your own home

You may select the finest colection of Tarot decks and oracles. The most common is the Rider Tarot, but for special ocassions you can use the most beautiful designs of cards. Please check in the gallery page for more information.

After your initial exploration, you’ll unlock the fascinating realm of Tarot consultancy. For targeted situations, consider scheduling sessions every three months for effective monitoring. However, for general insights, an annual reading is advisable.

Price List

Tarot Reading

By appointment only

Basic Reading

$45.00Per 10 minutes
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General Reading

+ 3 questions
$55.00Per 30 minutes
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Complete Session

$100.00Per 1 Hr
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