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Energy Healing


You can book a video call session to use different energy healing methods.

Guided Meditation

It is a 10-minute audio that contains a personalized guided meditation according to your needs.

Esoteric Music and Astrology

Through your Astral Chart, the harmonic resonance of your planets with your astral being is determined and you will receive an audio with personalized music and mantra to use in meditation and chakra cleaning sessions.

Chakra Cleansing with Crystals

Meditation session that includes crystals and aromatherapy. It is used to eliminate negative energies.

Radionics for Akashic Records

Elimination of negative ancestral programs. Spiritual alchemy and radionic machine application for one month.

At the booking page you will obtain complete information about services and prices.


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Astrological Method of Esoteric Music. The application of astrology to esoteric music consists of a personalized melody and mantra.

Chakra Cleansing. Includes crystals and aromatherapy.

Radionics for Akashic Records. Radionics uses an electronic machine that runs on software.

Personalized Hypnotherapy. The Guided Meditation is a personalized audio with exclusive Almastral music. It is tailored specifically to your needs. The annual study is carried out with the energetic resonance of the planets of the Solar Revolution.

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